COVID-19 Updates


  • The shop is closed. However, we do have pick up and drop off points throughout DC, MD and VA for rental pumps and scales. To place an order click here, and to coordinate a rental return please text 202-293-5182.
  • We are scheduling all consultations via HIPAA-compliant video app for the time being (based on recommendations from the CDC). If at the end of the consultation, your LC feels that an in-person is absolutely necessary to establish or maintain the breastfeeding relationship (and the immune factors provided therein), and both you and the consultant are comfortable with it, a follow up in-office or in-home appointment will be scheduled. These consultations are generally covered by insurance. Let’s all practice responsible spatial distancing. You can schedule here.
  • All of our classes will now be offered via a live-stream on Zoom rather than in-person for the remainder of March and April.
  • For constantly updated information on COVID-19 and breastfeeding, check the CDC’s website. And for a general postpartum resource, browse New Mom Health.

We look forward to continuing to support you and your family!

For more information, you can read this letter from our Executive Director:

Dear Breastfeeding Center Community,

I want to provide an update to you on how we’re adapting our services during this time of encouraged social distancing. In order to help slow the spread of COVID-19, The Center is making the tough call to stop any gatherings of groups in our space for the rest of March, based on suggested public health guidelines from the CDC, the WHO, and local health departments emphasizing social distancing to slow the transmission of the virus. Effective immediately, and at least for all of March, our classes will be held via Zoom online meeting. In order to attend, you will need access to a phone, iPad or computer that has audio and video capability. You can continue to register for classes online here and you will be emailed your access code prior to the start of the class.

Following the shift to online classes, beginning on Monday, March 16, The Center will be operating on an abbreviated schedule to adjust to the more limited in-person services we are currently providing. The shop will be open Monday through Friday 10am to 4pm. We will be closed on Saturdays. [UPDATE: the shop is closed as of 3/31/20. Pump rentals are being coordinated as needed]. If you need supplies but cannot come in to pick them up, we do offer a courier option that can be set up via text or a phone call. We will continue to provide office visits, home visits, and remote video consults, even outside of the hours the shop is open. You can schedule a private consultation here. [UPDATE: all consultations will be scheduled via HIPAA-compliant video app for the time being. If at the end of the consultation, the consultant feels that an in-person is absolutely necessary, and both you and the consultant are comfortable with it, a follow up in-office or in-home appointment will be scheduled. These consultations are generally covered by insurance. Let’s all practice responsible social distancing].

Our mission has always been to provide the resources and information for you and your family to thrive. So, we want to make you aware of a few policies, recommendations, and programming options that you can take advantage of to stay healthy. These options are available year round, and are a good idea to practice with regard to seasonal colds and flu too:

  • First, keep breastfeeding your baby, it’s their best defense! Parents have always been advised to continue breastfeeding, along with standard hygiene measures, through colds, flu and respiratory infections.

  • Stay home if you’re feeling unwell, and limit unnecessary trips to crowded spaces. Here are some options for when you have breastfeeding/pumping/bottlefeeding concerns but are not feeling your best:

    • We offer remote tele-medicine consults via HIPAA-compliant video-call, billable to insurance just like our other appointments. If you need an appointment, or already have an appointment, but you or someone in your family is feeling unwell, we encourage you to take advantage of this option so that you can stay home. Text us if you’d like to switch to this option at 202.293.5182! And if you’d like to schedule a consultation, you can do so online!

  • Practicing impeccable personal hygiene and self-care is always the best defense for this and any other virus:

    • Don’t avoid care if you and your family need it. It’s important to keep your stress levels around feeding low and ensure your baby continues getting vital immune factors from you. Please reach out if you need help.

    • When you do come into The Center, you’ll notice some increased visual cues and products for hand and respiratory hygiene. These are good practices to have every day, and the signs are just a reminder, they are not meant to alarm.

    • We invite all clients and require all staff to wash their hands for 20 seconds upon entering The Center. You are welcome to use any of the sinks within our space to do so.

    • As always, we disinfect all clinical and class surfaces before use, in between appointments, and a cleaning crew comes daily to clean our entire space. These practices will continue, with an increase in cleaning our high-touch surfaces.

  • As a community-based organization The Center is feeling the immediate effects of COVID-19. We are asking for community support to continue to offer perinatal education and services into the future. Your support might look like:

    • registering for one of our NOW ONLINE classes that you may not have previously been able to attend, but now can with a telework schedule
    • not avoiding breastfeeding care if you need it: you can schedule a 1-on-1 consult via HIPAA-compliant tele-app to address your feeding or pumping concerns
    • making a donation if you are not experiencing financial hardship
  • The Center will continue monitoring the information provided by the CDC and DC Health concerning COVID-19 and will post about any programming cancellations or changes on our website and on social media.

  • Please continue to look out for emails with additional updates or follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


Gina Caruso
Executive Director

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