Milk Bank at Austin

The Breastfeeding Center is associated with the Mother’s Milk Bank at Austin, which is a member of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA). A HMBANA milk bank screens and tests its donors, pasteurizes and then tests (cultures) the milk prior to bottling for shipment. Only donor milk from a HMBANA milk bank can be safely given to preterm, hospitalized infants. Milk banks depend on “drop off” milk depots in order to meet the growing demand for donor human milk – and that’s where we come in! We serve as a controlled collection point where women can donate their breast milk for premature babies, and also a distribution point where families come pick up pasteurized and screened milk for their newborns. We collected over 20,000 ounces of breast milk in 2018 – that’s a lot of milk for preemies and sick infants!

For more information on how you can become a Milk Donor, call 512-494-0800.

To pick up donor milk (processing fees apply), please give us a call at 202-293-5182.

Approved Donor Drop-Off Guidelines:

  1. We have limited freezer space! When our freezers reach capacity (which happens weekly) we can no longer accept donations. There is nothing that can be done once this happens.
  2. Please call a few days prior to when you intend to donate, to get a “freezer space forecast.”  THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE, but can help you plan out when would be a good time to donate. Generally, Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to drop off because we clear and ship milk out to Austin on Monday or Tuesday.
  3. It is VITAL that you call again just before you leave your house, with an approximate ounce-count and ETA, to ensure that we will have space for you. If we are out of freezer space, there is nothing that can be done when you arrive, and your milk will have to go home with you. We are so sorry!
  4. We can only accept milk that is bagged in UNSCENTED TRASH BAGS. No other type of bag can be accepted. This is vital because other types of bags can split, rip, or otherwise risk separating some portion of your milk from your name and donor number. Any milk that becomes separated from your name & donor number cannot be utilized by the Milk Bank and will have to be disposed. Every ounce of your milk is so precious and so very needed–help us avoid any loss!
  5. Please include your LAST NAME, DONOR #, and an OUNCE COUNT on a piece of paper, both on the inside and on the outside of the trash bag. Please do not write on the trash bag as this can gradually rub off as your milk is transported, stored, and shipped.
  6. We are happy to pick your milk up curbside in front of our office for your convenience! But we can only do so if it is already properly packaged, labeled, and ready to be stored.
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