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Reserve a Hospital Grade Pump

The Center offers Hospital Grade Breast Pump (HGP) rentals and sales, as well as scale rentals. Hospital Grade Breast Pumps are often recommended by a lactation consultant to protect, enhance or induce a milk supply.

Hospital Grade Pump & Scale Rates

Medela Symphony PLUS Medela Symphony Battery Ameda Platinum Spectra S1/S2 Spectra S3 Pro HGP Medela Babyweigh II Baby Checker
Deposit $30 $30 $30 n/a n/a $30 $30 $30
1 day $6 n/a $8 n/a n/a $5 $5 $3
1 week $40 add $10/mo $42 n/a n/a $30 $25 $12
1 month $79 add $10/mo $82 n/a n/a $60 $90 $35
3 months $69/mo add $10/mo $75/mo n/a n/a $55/mo $80/mo $30/mo
6 months $65/mo add $10/mo $70/mo n/a n/a $50/mo $75/mo $25/mo
1 year $60/mo add $10/mo $65/mo n/a n/a $45/mo $70/mo
Purchase* $2,472 (with plus card) $2,420 (no plus card) $2,310 $200 $159 $999 $1,634
Full Kit of Parts** $55 $55 $55 included $50


What is a hospital grade pump?

Pump Rental FAQ

The term “hospital grade pump” is not regulated by the FDA, but it has long been used by pump manufacturers to indicate that a pump is able to:

  1. establish, increase, and maintain a milk supply in a way that a home pump may not be adequate for
  2. be used hygienically and safely by multiple users
  3. be highly durable and meant for frequent daily use over MANY years

Why would I choose to rent a HGP in addition to, or instead of, the “at home” pump my insurance company has provided me?

The pumps provided by insurers are perfectly great some parents, especially if only pumping a bottle or two a day. But pumps, just generally, can be a poor substitute for your sweet, squirmy, adorable little one, so it’s not at all uncommon to need a pump with a little more umph than the “home use” types typically provided by insurance.

Some of the reasons parents might choose to rent a HGP are (but are not limited to): to help establish milk supply in early weeks, to increase a milk supply again if there is a dip, for twins, for a preemie, when there is a separation between breastfeeding parent and baby (like NICU), when returning to work, or when traveling.

Why can’t I rent a Spectra S1 or S2?

We do sell the Spectra S1 and S2 pump, but cannot rent them as a HGPs, because while they are the only “personal use pumps” that get close to meeting the first bullet point describing a Hospital Grade Pump, they do not meet the second two points well enough to be safely and durably used by multiple users. The S1/S2 are, however, an excellent choice when weighing your options for your insurance-provided “personal use” pump. If you are unsure whether your insurer covers the Spectra S1/S2 pumps, please give your insurance company a call directly.

And we do now offer Spectra’s multi-user, truly “hospital grade” pump–the S3–for rental. This pump tests slightly higher than an S1 or S2 in mmHg, and is able to be used safely by multiple users (each utilizing their own pumping kit).

What’s included in the rental?

The rental rate includes only the pump unit or scale. Each renter needs their own parts to be used with the pump, which can be purchased from the Breastfeeding Center, if necessary. Nothing extra is needed for a scale rental.

What is the deposit for?

The deposit covers additional unforeseen rental time. If the rental is returned on time the deposit will be refunded. If the rental is less than 1 week late the deposit will be forfeit to cover that additional time. Rentals returned more than 1 week late will need to be brought up to date through the final return date, either before, or at the time they are returned.

How do I know which rental pump or scale is right for me?

This can be a complex question, and is unique to each mom/baby pair. If you feel you need a pump or scale, but are unsure which one, we recommend calling or texting our staff at 202.293.5182.

I already have a pump from my insurance, can I use those parts with my HGP?

This depends on which pump brand of pump you have at home, and if you’re also looking to rent that same brand of HGP. All Ameda and Spectra parts are universal. But each Medela pump uses a different set of parts. If you have another Medela pump at home, some but not all of the parts will be compatible with the Symphony. You will likely need to purchase at least 2 pieces, and possibly a whole kit. Please call or text us at 202.293.5182 to make sure you have, or get all the parts you’ll need. If you renting a different brand of pump than you have at home, you’ll need a full kit. Pump parts are not compatible across brands.

Is there customer support for these pumps if I need it?

Yes absolutely. Please call or text us at 202.293.5182 anytime you’re having trouble with your pump or scale.

I just got home with my HGP and I’m overwhelmed by all the buttons. How do I even turn this thing on?

Here are some great videos on how to assemble and use each pump: Medela Symphony, Ameda Platinum; Spectra S1/S2/S3. If you have questions about what pumping strategies and schedule you should be working with, please contact us to talk with your consultant, or to make an appointment.

How do I know how long I’ll need it?

It’s up to you. Some parents use it for a month, while others continue their rental beyond a year. Consult your lactation consultant for guidance if you’re unsure what might make the most sense for you.

What if I want to extend the amount of time, or bring my rental back early?

We do offer lower rates for longer periods of time, but that rate must be chosen up front or converted within the first month of the rental (i.e. you must call within the first 30 days to change your 1-month rental into a 3 or 6 month rental). Lower long-term rates cannot be applied retroactively. If you choose a long-term rental and bring it back early we will refund your long-term rate and recharge at the shorter monthly rate.

Do you courier pumps and scales?

Yes, just give us a call or a text at 202.293.5182 to see if you’re within the delivery radius and what the charge would be.

Can anyone besides the breastfeeding parent fill out the contract or pick it up?

Yes, anyone with proof of their valid form of identification can sign the contract, or pick up the rental. We’re happy to run it out to your car if you pull up out front and give us a call. Just know it’s best to avoid rush hour when doing this as there is no loading zone during rush hour.

Can anyone beside the person signing the contract pay for the breastpump rental?

Yes, the credit card does not need to match the person signing the contract. We just need permission from the holder of the card.

Can I fill out the form over the phone and drive by to get it, or send someone else to pick it up?

Yes, we can send you the contract via text message or email and bring it to your car when you arrive. Please just call when you’re directly in front of the building with the make and color of your car. Just know it’s best to avoid rush hour when doing this as there is no loading zone during rush hour.

My lactation consultant rented me a pump at a home visit, can she come back to get it?

Unfortunately our consultants cannot make house calls to pick up pumps, but you’re welcome to ship or courier the pump back to us. We’re also happy to do curbside pickup from your car so that you don’t have to park and come in. Just call us before you leave so that we can make sure that we have a card on file to return your deposit, and then let us know when you’re directly in front of the building.

What happens if I my pump stops working?

Give us a call or a text at 202.293.5182 and let’s see if we can troubleshoot it. If not, we will gladly switch your pump or scale out, and again we’re happy to do that curbside so that you don’t have to park.

Will my insurance cover a hospital grade pump?

While we are in-network for lactation consultation appointments with several insurers, we are not an in-network provider for hospital-grade pumps or scales and cannot provide forms or codes for pump rentals.

I’d like my employer to offer hospital-grade pumps in our lactation room. Do you provide pumps to workplaces?

Absolutely, have your HR department or the appropriate person reach out to Most of our employers choose either to purchase hospital grade pumps through us, or to rent at the yearly rate.


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