Relocation and Expansion

The whens, wheres, whys and hows:

WHEN: Move weekend (shop will be closed; consultations still available) is 7/28-7/31; we reopen in our new space on Tuesday 8/1

WHERE: Just down the block! New address is 1020 19th St NW, Suite 150, Washington, DC 20036

WHY: If you’ve been to The Center anytime in the past 3 (maybe more?) years, you know how desperately we need more room. And we got a great deal on a beautiful suite almost 4x the size of our current space!

HOW: With your help!

How you can help us with our move:

  • share this text via email with your friends, family, neighborhood listservs, etc.
  • share this photo on social media (or one of your own!) along with a short message about The Center’s move and new address (tag The Center – @breastfeedingcenter on IG and FB, @bc_gw on Twitter)
  • make a donation
  • request postcards to drop off at your doctors’ offices, daycares, offices, etc.
  • volunteer to help build ikea furniture and/or to pack/unpack boxes

A message from The Breastfeeding Center’s founder, Pat Shelly:

Thank you all for making The Center what it is today.

This supportive, growing, thriving community is exactly what I dreamt of when I opened the Breastfeeding Center almost 20 years ago, out of what many would describe as a closet at Columbia Hospital for Women. When the hospital closed I knew we couldn’t just stop offering this service, so I took a leap of faith and rented our very own space in downtown DC. We added free classes (through 501c3 Breastfeeding Outreach for Greater Washington) and breastfeeding supplies in addition to offering home and office lactation consultations. We grew and grew and more women recommended our services to their friends and then before I knew it, we were tight on space! So with lots of help from our community, we rented another suite to give our clients a more comfortable, welcoming space. And now, just 4 years after that expansion, we are more cramped than ever in our space on K St! So, as of August 2017, we will be moving to a beautiful, huge (!!!) new home just a few blocks away.

Our vision is to bring all the current programs over to this new space, give them all more room, while adding a few new things – a nursing lounge, a pumping room for moms in the area to drop by and use, a second classroom, and lots more consult rooms! If you have ideas on what you’d like to see in our new space, please let me know!

We couldn’t be making this move without the continued support of the community – so thank you, thank you, thank you for everything. We’re looking forward to welcoming you all into our new home this summer!

Big thanks to you all,

Pat Shelly, Founder

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