Resources for Events at The National Mall

While the ACA protects a mother’s right to pump when she is at work, our country and our city have some work to do to make breast-pumping more accessible to mothers when they aren’t at work or at home. Public locations to pump are often limited to bathrooms (ick!), and even then outlets can be difficult to find. That said, private locations to pump near The National Mall may be hard to find, so we’ve put together some resources to help!

  1. As you probably know, it is your right to breastfeed anywhere you can legally be in DC! Sometimes you may encounter strangers who aren’t as aware as they could be that the law protects nursing mothers and babies. Here is a simple card you may want to print out, explaining your rights as a nursing mother.
  2. Here is A MAP (!!!) of locations that have indicated an intention to set up private or semi-private nursing and pumping areas, or that have family restrooms with outlets and benches:
  3. There are often MANY restrictions about what one can carry at marches, rallies and other events on The Mall. Large backpacks (like pump bags) are often banned. We highly suggest a thorough review the appropriate FAQ to see what you can bring.