Sleep Consultations

Our Certified Infant Sleep Educator, Kim Hawley, uses a developmental approach to educate parents on normal, healthy, and optimal infant/toddler sleep. Additionally, consults address sleep in the context of your family including values, wellness, and daily patterns so that we can collaboratively find solutions that allow you to meet your own needs as well as your babies. While these consults cannot promise you a full night of unbroken sleep, we can promise that you will understand your baby’s nighttime needs and have the tools to cope with nighttime parenting without sacrificing your own needs. Sleep consultations include an extensive client history form, 1.5 hour consult (in person or Skype), a custom sleep strategy package, one 20 minute follow up phone call, and 4 weeks email support.

If you’re interested in scheduling a Sleep Consultation, please give our office a call at 202-293-5182. Please note that this is not a lactation consultation. If you have questions about breastfeeding, please schedule a lactation consultation by clicking here.

Sleep Consultations are not covered by insurance.