Sleep Consultations

Our Holistic Sleep Coach and Certified Infant Sleep Educator, Kim Hawley, approaches sleep from a developmental, biological, and evolutionary perspective. She helps parents understand that responsive parenting, even at night, is the foundation for strong attachment and optimal brain development. Her work with families approaches sleep from three angles: education on normal infant/toddler sleep and development; information on optimal sleep conditions including environment and daily patterns; and strategies for optimizing parents’ rest and wellbeing regardless of baby’s sleep. While these consults cannot promise you a full night of unbroken sleep, we can promise that you will understand your baby’s nighttime needs and have the tools to cope with nighttime parenting without sacrificing your own needs. sacrificing your own needs.

We offer 2 types of sleep education/support:

Comprehensive Sleep Support

A sleep consultation package that includes a review of your family’s needs and values, 3 hours of support spread between 3-4 virtual sessions, a sleep reference guide, and 6 weeks email support.


Schedule a Comprehensive Sleep Support Package

Sleepy Chat

A stand-alone sleep consultation that consists of a 60 minute phone call. This option is best suited to families who just have a few questions about what’s normal or how to approach a new sleep situation. There is no follow-up support for this option.


Schedule a Sleepy Chat Consult

Please note that this is not a lactation consultation. If you have questions about breastfeeding, please schedule a lactation consultation by clicking here.

Sleep Consultations are not covered by insurance.

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