Every Drop Counts

every drop counts

Supporters of breastfeeding know when it comes to feeding babies breastmilk, EVERY DROP COUNTS! That’s why we at The Breastfeeding Center are committed to helping mothers and babies in the DC area have the most successful breastfeeding relationship possible. Here’s what your donation can provide for families in need:

$18 = a bottle of donated breastmilk;
$35 = a speciality class;
$50 = an over the phone consultation;
$100 = a pump rental and kit;
$180 = a private in-office consultation;
$280 = a private in-home consultation.

As a supporter of The Breastfeeding Center, you know that EVERY DROP COUNTS! Please CLICK HERE to make your donation today. Your gift will help us continue to offer free introductory classes and peer support groups, and help expand our services — so that even more DC area families can obtain critical breastfeeding support.