“The Breastfeeding Center is the only reason I am able to be breastfeeding my 8 month old son currently; I could not have done it without the lactation consultants that have helped me numerous times since my son was born.” – Sara

“I am still working to get better but I don’t know where I would be without Margaret and the Breastfeeding Center. When i enter the center I can feel a calm coming over me – it is place the oozes understanding and support for moms in this very sensitive and emotional period when that understanding is the most needed.” – Andrea

“[Suzanne was] very gentle and non judgmental. Very sensitive and respectful to the fact that we are two moms. Included us both in our overall care plan.” – Allison

“The consultation far exceeded my expectations. I’ve loved the other offerings of the Breastfeeding Center (Back to Work session, CPR class, etc).” – Veronika

“The Breastfeeding Center is excellent and has supported me twice along the way so that I can continue to successfully breastfeed my baby. I love the care I have received. Every postpartum woman should have these services.” – Maire

“Needed a last minute symphony on a Saturday to try and revive my milk supply and after calling every babies r us from Towson to Fredericksburg, this place came through. It’s like a little lactation heaven. From pumps to bras to cookies and teas, everything is available including a free community group for breastfeeding mommas on Tuesday’s. The staff was so sweet and helpful when I went there initially too.

Great place overall and being a non-profit makes it even better.” – Miss S

“Isabella from the Breastfeeding Center has been incredible.  We had issues getting a good latch, and we had no idea how to know whether our daughter was getting enough at each feeding.  The folks at the hospital tried their best, but their advice wasn’t working, and our baby was losing more weight than was advisable.

Isabella met us at our home a day after discharge.  She is incredible.  She has, as should be expected, incredibly practical tips about breastfeeding and positioning to achieve a good latch.  But more helpful — she is empathetic and met us on our level.  She got us on a triple-feeding regimen (breastfeeding, pumping, and supplementing with donor milk from the Center).  And our baby is working her way back up towards her birth weight.  We are so thankful for her help — and for the donor milk bank!” – Josh (via Yelp)

“When a dad recommends a breastfeeding center, you know it’s good. As a first time dad to be, I attended the class “Breastfeeding for Partners” class and it was so helpful. It was 1.5 hours long on a Saturday morning (10-11:30AM) and the instructor walked the dads/partners through how to best support your partner in breast feeding in the first 6 weeks and then after. It covered important issues like how to help stimulate breast milk (back rubs), how to create a calm and nurturing home, how to support your partner (Pro-tip: Leaving healthy snack baskets at each feeding station), and how to look for signs of postpartum depression. It was a helpful class and not too short and too long. I’d recommend it to any new dad/partner!” – Austin

“This place is wonderful! I saw Heather today for a lactation consult. She was so helpful and empathic. I was a bit upset when I arrived and everyone was so wonderful. I also love that they send you notes from the appointment by email. Mom’s are so sleep deprived this is super helpful. What a great resource.” – Teresa

“The consultants at the Center were incredibly helpful in navigating the early challenges I faced with breastfeeding. I first emailed in the middle of the night, got a call early in the AM, and a consultant was at my house less than 6 hours later. Since then the ongoing, one-on-one support – both technical and emotional – allowed me to persevere through those issues when I otherwise would have quit and moved to formula. The consultants are very practical, too. They understand that exclusive breastfeeding may not be possible for everyone and give you practical tools to make sure your baby is well fed (and you stay sane).

I also attended the support group for new moms and the prenatal breastfeeding basics class, but found the individual help so much more useful.

The office staff are incredibly kind and helpful as well!  I highly recommend the Center to anyone needing support with breastfeeding.” – Lesley

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